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Kidde Smoke Detectors

for Home Fire Protection

Kidde smoke detectors and other life safety products have been providing fire detection and suppression to residential and commercial customers for many years. Kidde products include smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, fire extinguishers, escape ladders, and more. This page deals with smoke detectors; if you’re looking for a Kidde carbon monoxide alarm or other product visit

Kidde smoke alarms are designed for 110/120-volt interconnected wiring, or for battery operated use. If you’re looking for smoke alarms to connect to a home security system, see this page on System Sensor smoke detectors.

If you already have First Alert smoke detectors in your home, click here for more information.

FireX smoke alarms have been available for years, but has been acquired by Kidde. For help finding compatible replacements, see this page on FireX Smoke Detectors.

Battery Operated Smoke Detectors

Kidde offers photoelectric (PE) and ionization types of battery operated smoke alarm, like most manufacturers. These can be installed anywhere, since no smoke detector wiring is needed.

One of the most unique products from Kidde is their Model 0910 smoke alarm. Like many other units on the market, it combines PE and ionization technologies in a single unit.

Photoelectric smoke detectors are best for sensing smoldering fires, which produce large smoke particles. An ionization smoke alarm is better for hot, fast-burning fires, which generate small particles. The combination of both technologies in a single unit gives you the “best of both worlds”.

What makes the Model 0910 unique is it’s sealed battery design. The built-in batteries in this smoke detector will last for its entire rated lifespan of 10 years! After 10 years, the unit will begin to chirp, indicating that it’s time for a replacement detector. You then simply silence the chirping with a screwdriver, and dispose of the unit.

This feature is perfect for locations that are hard to reach, such as the top of a stairwell or a very tall ceiling. Then again, this is a good feature for any location in a home. Imagine: no more fumbling around replacing batteries. Installing a new detector every decade isn’t very difficult!

Hardwired Kidde Smoke Detectors

Hardwired Kidde smoke alarms are designed to connect to standard 110/120-volt electrical wiring found in modern home construction. You can use them to replace existing smoke alarms that may be expired, damaged, or faulty. Using the Kidde Quick Convert adapter harness, you can easily connect Kidde smoke detectors in place of units from First Alert, BRK, and Firex.

Most residential hardwired smoke detectors are powered by 110/120-volt AC, and also have an alkaline battery for backup. Older smoke detectors were designed as “stand alone” devices, meaning that each unit in a house acted independently from the others.

Newer smoke alarms are designed to be wired together on the same 120-volt circuit. If any detector goes into alarm, it causes all smoke detectors in the home to sound. This is referred to as an interconnected system, and is the best way to alert everyone in the house that smoke has been detected.

Kidde interconnectable smoke alarms can also be installed in new construction, or as needed for room additions or remodels.

Wireless Kidde Smoke Detectors

Kidde simplifies the use of wireless smoke detectors by using two models. The first is a 120-volt AC powered detector that replaces one of your existing hardwired smoke alarms. This unit acts as a bridge between the hardwired smokes and the wireless ones.

The second device is a battery operated wireless-only smoke alarm. These can be added as needed to cover the remaining smoke locations in the home. The AC powered detector and the battery-operated unit(s) communicate with each other wirelessly. This effectively creates an interconnected network, much like the system made using standard electrical wiring.

While the hardwired smoke alarm must be installed at an existing location, the wireless smoke alarms can be installed anywhere. This makes it easy to match smoke alarm placement to your particular floor plan.

Where to Find Kidde Smoke Detectors

You can buy Kidde smoke alarms online at or at the Kidde Online Store. For a local supplier, check one of these sources:

The Home Depot
True Value Hardware
Bed, Bath, & Beyond

For helpful tips on what to do about beeping or falsing smoke alarms, see this page on "Smoke Detector Problems and How to Solve Them".

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