About Me

About Me

Hello! My name is Lee Russell, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife Barbara.

I’ve worked as an alarm technician for over 25 years, most of that time with Arcom Security located here in Phoenix.

I’ve always enjoyed the alarm business. My favorite part was installing alarm systems in existing homes: Two or three of us would arrive in the morning, run wiring and install equipment, and program the panel. By late afternoon, we were showing the homeowners how to operate their new alarm system.

In many cases, these customers had been recent victims of a burglary. I got great satisfaction from helping families improve their personal safety, protect their lives and property, and restore their peace of mind.

Why Make a Website?

4-wheeling trail in the Arizona desert

As much as I liked the alarm business, I knew I couldn’t keep doing fieldwork forever. Trust me, crawling around in attics is a young man’s game, especially in the summer!

As I got older, I knew I would eventually need to find a way to make a living doing something less physically demanding.

My wife and I also wanted more time for our favorite activities. We love to travel and explore new places, and have vacationed in Mexico quite often. We enjoy 4-wheeling and exploring along the back roads of Arizona, many of which are old mining trails.

With both of us working all the time, we never seemed to have enough time to do the things we really enjoyed.

What I dreamed of was a way to share my knowledge of home security, earn an income, and do it without being tied to a typical “9 to 5” day job.

I started looking at various ways to earn money working from home, and found that one of the best methods involved using the Internet and creating a website.

Once a website is set up, I could work on it from any place with access to the Internet (which is virtually anywhere these days).

Getting It Done

Great. Now, all I needed was a website!

One small problem: I had absolutely no idea where to begin!

I had never built a website, and had no idea where to start.

The Land Shark at Margies Peak in Arizona

I started searching to see what was available, and found plenty of choices.

There seemed to be thousands of plans and programs for building a site. Almost every one of them claimed to be “easy to use”, requiring just “a few simple steps”. Some even claimed you could have a web site up and running in as little as a day!

Some plans were fairly expensive, and I didn’t want to throw money away on something that might not work. There were some free options, but they had limitations. It was all starting to look pretty overwhelming…

Finding the Solution

Entrance to El Capitan Restaurant in Rocky Point, Mexico

At some point in my internet research, I stumbled across Site Build It, now known as Solo Build It, or SBI for short. Like many other programs I had seen, the SBI system would allow me to build a website. Unlike the others, SBI offered facts and figures about the success rates of people using the system. It also provided tools and guidance on exactly how to make a website successful (read: Profitable).

This sounded like what I was looking for! No “get rich quick” promises, and no “create an entire website with just a few clicks”… In fact, SBI states right up front that it will involve a lot of work.

This is the difference between making a website, and building a profitable online business.

Also, SBI uses a "Block Builder" tool for creating web pages. This means that people (like me) with no website or HTML experience can build a quality site.

To make a long story short, I purchased SBI in early 2011. I followed the tutorials and the action guide, and created pages to build this site. The site launched in June of 2011.

At that stage, I continued to work my day job, and worked on the website in my spare time.

Progress Timeline

Palapa on the beach in Mexico

July, 2012:

After about one year, I’m earning enough money to pay for site expenses, plus a little extra. Traffic continues to build each month, and I’m adding more content to help increase the number of visitors.

My site is still relatively young, and has a long way to go. I’m very confident that in time, this site will provide me with a significant source of income. It won’t happen overnight, and it does take a lot of work in the beginning… But, I now know that the system works.

Update, December 28, 2012:

My site is attracting more and more visitors, as I continue to build pages with helpful information.

Income from the site is about double what it was just a few months ago.

Still nowhere near enough to quit the day job, but it's a sign that I'm on the right track...!!

Update, March 25, 2014:

My web site has a little over 100 pages, and is earning about $100 per month after expenses. Revenue is from several sources, including Adsense and affiliate sales.

I'm currently focused on adding more quality content pages, and improving some older pages with updated images and text, where needed.

It was nice to get 1099 forms for the first time. If I have to pay taxes on it, I must be doing something right!

Update, August 24, 2014:

Just finished my 120th page!! I couldn't even have imagined doing this when I first started. After writing pages for a while, it does get much easier.

Income has grown to about $200 per month on average, and this really makes me want to keep working hard on the site.

I continue to be surprised - Some pages I've written draw many more visitors per month than I ever thought they would. Others that sound like a "sure thing" seem to struggle along.

Either way, I try to write pages that fit the site concept closely and that I think will help my visitors. Time will tell!

Update, September 26, 2014:

I'm happy to be celebrating my first $500 month! Still a few days left in September.

I now spend a little less time creating pages, and more time looking for ways to monetize my traffic better.

Visitors are finding my site for many different reasons, and I need to give each of them what they're looking for.

Update, April 22, 2015:

After earnings continued to grow rapidly since last September, I was comfortable enough to quit my day job in March, 2015!

What was only a dream almost 4 years ago is now a reality! No more morning or evening commute, no irritated customers to deal with, and a lot fewer aches and pains.

I'm now writing pages to help round-out my site and make it more helpful to visitors. I'm planning for at least a 200-page site, so at about 134 pages so far, I have a long way to go!

Since then, income from the site has fluctuated. I currently work part-time to supplement the website earnings, but I don't have the hectic 40-hour work-week I used to have.

Does everyone who uses SBI! earn enough to "quit the day job"? Absolutely not. Every niche website has different earning potential. And, some people work longer and harder at it than others.

But, I truly believe that SBI! is the very best method for the average person to build a successful website. That can mean extra income, more freedom, and you can do it all while sharing your knowledge and passion with others.

If you have a skill, interest, or passion for something, you too can turn it into a profitable online business!

To see if SBI! might be right for you, see my About SBI page.

About My Site

This is a free website anyone can visit to find answers to home security questions. Here, you’ll find how-to tips, information on choosing a system, and much, much more.

I invite you to use this site as a guide, whether you’re trying to choose a new system, install one yourself, or fix a problem with an existing system.

I understand that alarm systems aren’t the most exciting topic in the world, and that your time is valuable. I’ll try to deliver the information you need as clearly and cleanly as I can, hopefully in an interesting way.

If you have a question, comment, or a suggestion on how to make the site better, please let me know via the Contact Me page.

Thanks for stopping by!

All the best,

Lee Russell

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