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About SBI

If you’ve arrived at this page, you’re probably at least a little bit curious about SBI and what Site Build It (now known as Solo Build It) can do for you. Maybe, like me, you've seen or even tried several ways to earn extra income online.

About SBI

And you may be thinking, “This system is like many others I've seen. I’ll keep reading until I find the 'fatal flaw', then I can cross this one off my list.”

This is the thought process I went through many times, searching for a program that would work. Every time, I found a flaw, or catch, or hidden surprise…

Every time that is…except for SBI.

Puerto Penasco, Mexico

After using SBI to build and launch this site in June of 2011, I worked on creating content. I followed the SBI action guide, which lays out the whole process step-by-step.

I made no effort to monetize until April, 2012. One month after placing ads on the site, it was already earning more than its own expenses!

My site was still very young then, but I expected it to follow the path of many other successful SBI sites. Many of these SBI owners were making some much-needed extra income each month. Some were making more money with their sites than they ever did working their old "day jobs".

Yes, it takes a lot of work,
just as a regular 9-to-5 job can be a lot of work.

The difference is, the website earns money
whether I "show up" or not.

It earns money on nights, weekends, and holidays.

It even earns money while I'm on vacation!

And when I am working on the website, I can set my own hours, choose what to write about, and actually enjoy doing it.

This is truly the best work from home system there is!

Why SBI Works

The difference between SBI sites and most others is the C-T-P-M process, and it's built into everything I do with my pages. C-T-P-M stands for Content Traffic PREsell Monetize, and is based on how people use the Web. 

It begins with content I create - the pages and images on my site. They reflect my knowledge and understanding of the topic, and help the visitors looking for valuable, relevant information.

My site is focused on home security, since that's what I know. You can create a site based on your field of expertise, whatever it may be.

Mexico beach at dusk

The C T P M Process In a Nutshell:

  • Content - Create content focused on a specific topic. People searching for information on your chosen topic land on your pages. If they find the content useful, they will stay on the site longer, and likely view several pages during their visit. If the information is truly helpful, many will come back for future visits.

  • Traffic - Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing “see” this visitor behavior. This causes them to send more visitors to your pages, based on keywords they are searching for.

  • Pre-Sell - A small business that you or I might start has no widely known brand name. So, we must build trust by providing helpful, pertinent information on our chosen topic. Visitors will grow to know us as knowledgeable about our subject, and are more open to making a purchase, joining a mailing list, subscribing to an e-zine, etc.

  • Monetize - Only after trust is built, can we begin to generate revenue in the form of Google Adsense ads, E-goods sales, product referrals, and many other methods.

For an overview of how SBI works, take a quick
Video Tour.

Creating Content

Writing a good page is done by first using the Brainstorm It! research tool. This powerful keyword finding function helps you verify that your page content is not only relevant, but also very likely to be found and displayed in search results.

Morning on the beach

Then, the page is created using the Block Builder tool. This allows even a beginner to write an effective page, without knowing HTML or other complex code. If you do have some HTML experience, you can customize the appearance of your pages to your liking, and make them more appealing to visitors.

Building Traffic

As your pages are found by visitors, SBI’s listing and ranking reports let you see how much traffic each one generates.

Overlooking the fish market

The Traffic Stats and Click Analysis pages show you what your visitors are looking for. This lets you give them more of what they want, building your traffic even further.


Your pages are found because of your site topic, but there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of websites with similar content.

What makes your site different?

YOU! That's what!

You bring your own experience, insights, and opinions to your chosen topic. This gives your pages a unique voice that your visitors will pick up on.

As you create more content, you'll become known an expert in your field. You'll develop a level of trust with your visitors, who will look to you as a go-to source of advice and information. This is what pre-selling is all about.


Once your visitor traffic has grown to 20-30 visitors a day or so, and you have some links from other sites, you can begin to monetize. This can come in many forms:

  • Pay-per-click ads (Adsense is a good starting point)
  • Affiliate sales (Amazon Affiliates Program is one I use)
  • Referrals to other sites (Many, many of these)
  • Products you create (Your imagination is the only limit)

        ...And in many other ways.

It's best to use a combination of a few of these methods. Some will do better than others, depending on your site topic and traffic levels. As you implement each one, they will begin earning you a monthly income.

How much you earn depends on many factors, but it all boils down to your willingness to follow a proven system, and your ability to express your knowledge in your pages.

There will be some hard work involved, but it is do-able.

And, unlike the hard work you've probably been doing at your job for years, this work can build you an independent income stream that you control.

Another peaceful evening

See what other users have to say about SBI   and how the system has changed their lives. Visit the "I Love SBI" page.

Do you have questions about Solo Build It?
I'm happy to answer them! Just send them to me through the Contact Me page. Or, learn more about Solo Build It by talking with an experienced Solo Build It advisor who can answer your questions by phone or e-mail.

I hope you decide to start your journey
toward financial freedom today.

If you'd like to think about it, and maybe research other options, bookmark this page for future reference.
Good luck!

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