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Brinks Security Alarm Help

Help with Common Brinks Home Alarm Issues

Keypad Trouble Light and Trouble Codes, Low Battery Problems, Lost Master Code

Are you having Brinks security problems? This page provides help with:

  • Brinks Alarm System “Trouble” Light
  • "CP" or "CH" trouble on Brinks alarm
  • Brinks panel beeping
  • Low Battery Problems
  • Lost Master Code

If you're having problems with a failing keypad, see this Brinks page for help.

In June of 2018, MONI Smart Security acquired the branding rights for the "Brinks" name, and is now operating as Brinks Home Security.

Click here if you're looking for information on the NEW Brinks Home Security systems.

For help with original Brinks equipment (older than 2018), read on...

Brinks Alarm Keypad Trouble Codes

Like all home alarm systems, Brinks alarm panels need a way to indicate when they are having a problem.

The first thing most people notice is a beeping keypad, along with a  “Trouble” light on their Brinks keypad. The display window of the keypad can also show various trouble codes to identify the exact problem.

If your Brinks security system beeps, you can silence it by pressing the “Cancel” button.

If this happens in the middle of the night, this will let you get back to sleep until you have a chance to deal with the problem. (Click here for more help with beeping Brinks keypads.)

When you’re ready, you can check the trouble code in the display to find the specific cause of the issue. You can fix some trouble conditions yourself, such as a failing battery. Other conditions may require the assistance of a professional alarm technician. In a few worst-case situations, the system may be beyond repair and in need of replacement.

Here is a list of common Brinks trouble codes, along with the most likely causes. For more details, see the user manual for your particular system.

Brinks BHS-3000A Keypad

NO AC – There is a power outage, or the low-voltage transformer has failed or is unplugged.

CF TROUBLE – Component Failure (Bad device)

CP TROUBLE – Communication Problem, usually due to the phone line to the panel being disconnected.

CH TROUBLE – Upload/download failure. An attempt was made by the alarm company to contact the panel, and a problem occurred.

CF TROUBLE - (Displayed on non-supervised keypads) - Indicates that the wiring to the supervised keypad has been faulted.

CS TROUBLE Siren failure. The wiring to the siren has been cut, left disconnected in the main panel, or the siren has failed.

LINE CUT – Telephone line cut indication (Optional feature)

LOW BATT – Main control panel battery is failing, or AC power was disconnected long enough to deplete the battery. If you’ve had an outage, wait 24 hours and check again. If the low battery indication is still showing, check the battery and replace it if needed.

(ZONE NUMBER) TROUBLE – The fire zone has been tripped. See this page for help dealing with a Brinks fire zone.

Brinks Security System Low Battery

This is one area where Brinks alarm systems are no better or worse than any other security system brand. ALL alarm systems require regular battery replacement, about every 3-5 years on average. This is just the nature of sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery technology.

Brinks security yard sign

Changing your Brinks battery is as easy as removing the old battery and putting in the replacement. Replacement batteries are available at battery suppliers such as BatteriesPlus, as well as online sources such as my Amazon A-store.

Make sure the new battery has the same voltage rating (typically 12-volts for alarm batteries). The amp-hour (AH) rating should be the same or higher than the old battery, typically either 4AH or 7AH. If you’re “upsizing” to the larger capacity battery, check the dimensions to make sure the new, larger battery will fit your alarm panel enclosure.

When installing the new battery, be sure to observe polarity, just as you would for your car battery: The red lead connects to the red terminal, and the black lead goes to the black terminal.

For help changing your battery, see these pages:

DIY Alarm System Battery Replacement

ADT Alarm Battery Replacement

Brinks main alarm panel lid with wiring terminal label

Lost Brinks Master Code

Brinks security systems use a Master Code to program itself and several other User Codes. If the Brinks Master Code is forgotten, you don’t have any good options. There is no Brinks home security “Master Reset” function. 

I recently learned of some open-source software/code for interfacing with Brinks BHS-3000/4000 alarm systems, developed by a visitor to this site. Although using this software requires a little extra effort, it may be worth a try before resorting to replacing the system.

Replacing Brinks Security Systems

Brink window sticker

The master code problem is just one reason why you should consider updating your Brinks security panel to something newer. Nearly all modern alarm panels have a way to reset some or all of the program memory locations to factory default values. From that point, a programming manual can be used to add or change codes, account information, zone programming, etc.

The older technology used in the Brinks company systems lacks this defaulting feature, making the system difficult to work with if the master code is ever lost. To make matters worse, even if you are able to default a Brinks panel, Brinks security system programming manuals were never made public. This means you have little chance of finding an alarm company to re-program the system for you.

Your only other option for a lost Brinks code is to contact ADT Security. They bought out Brinks/Broadview Security, and surely have Brinks programming information. But, they will only work on your system if you sign a monitoring contract.

To find out how much it would cost to replace your old Brinks system, just fill out the form below. You'll receive estimates by email, with no obligation to buy anything.

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