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ADT Alarm Battery Replacement

Like all home security systems, an ADT alarm battery must be replaced every 3-5 years or so, on average. Most of the time, the first sign of a battery problem is a beeping keypad along with a “trouble” indicator light.

Alarm System Keypad Low Battery Display

If your ADT alarm has low battery beeping and the keypad is indicating a low battery or “Low Batt” condition, or if you’re otherwise fairly sure you need a new battery, then this page is for you.

If your ADT alarm beeps every night and/or has a trouble light, but you aren’t sure exactly what the problem is, you can identify the trouble using the ADT alarm fault codes found in your User Manual, or see one of these pages:

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If you just want to shut the system down so you can get to sleep and worry about it later, see:

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If you subscribe to an alarm monitoring service, you may have a security company that is responsible for maintaining your system. If so, check with them before doing any work on your system.

Some companies allow customers to change their own batteries, others don’t.

Either way, if your system is monitored, be sure to put the system in “Test” mode before changing the battery. This will eliminate the chance of causing a false alarm.

Types of ADT Alarm Batteries

ADT Security has traditionally not manufactured their own home burglar alarms. Instead, they have used a wide variety of “private labelled” versions of other well-known brands. These proprietary versions usually have certain programming changes that make them unusable by other alarm companies who don’t possess the programming information.

Because of this, it’s usually difficult to generalize about how to fix a problem on an “ADT” alarm company system.

However, if there’s one area that is most common between ADT and other alarm brands, it would be batteries. With very few exceptions, an ADT alarm battery (like almost all alarm system brands) will be one of two standard battery types:

  • 12-volt, 4-Amp-Hour
  • 12-volt, 7-Amp-Hour

These batteries are referred to as sealed lead-acid, or SLA-type batteries, and require no regular maintenance.

Other types of batteries have been used in ADT systems over the years, including a few with special connectors instead of the standard terminals. If you have one of these, try searching for a replacement using the make and model number of your system. Click here for help finding this information.

What the Battery Ratings Mean

As with most cars, 12 volts has been the standard operating voltage for most home alarm equipment for years.

The amp-hour, or “AH” rating refers to the capacity of a battery. The higher the AH number, the longer the battery will power a system during an AC failure.

Local Sources for ADT Alarm Batteries

Replacement alarm batteries are available locally in many areas from Batteries+Plus (now Batteries+Bulbs.) Just remove the old battery by disconnecting the red and black leads, and take it to your nearest battery retailer. They will sell you a replacement battery, and safely dispose of the old one for you.

Online Suppliers of Alarm Batteries

Online sources include and many, many other outlets. Home Depot offers online ordering, with delivery to a store near you as soon as the next day.

If you’re ordering a replacement ADT alarm battery online, follow these guidelines:

When replacing alarm system batteries, it’s very important that the voltage rating of the new battery matches the original one exactly. So, if the old battery is 12-volts, the new one must also be 12-volts.

Amp-hour ratings are a bit less rigorous. In a perfect world, the AH rating of the new battery should be the same or higher than the old one. So, a 4AH battery can be replaced with either a 4AH or a 7AH. But, a 7AH should only be replaced with a 7AH.

In the real world, you may have “inherited” your ADT alarm system when you bought your house. In that case, the battery that’s currently installed is probably not the original battery, and may very well be under- or oversized.

The truth is, most alarm panels will work fine with either a 4AH or a 7AH battery. The larger battery will just offer more capacity and a longer run-time without AC power.

Obviously, we would all like our alarm systems to run for as long as possible during an outage, so the 7AH battery is the better choice. The issue comes down to physical dimensions: Before upgrading from a 4AH battery to a 7AH, be sure your main panel has enough room for the larger 7AH unit.

ADT Alarm Battery Terminals

When shopping for an ADT alarm battery online, make sure the seller states that the battery is for alarm system use, and/or that they specify the terminals as being F1-type, or 3/16” wide.

In summary, make sure the replacement ADT alarm battery is:

  • 12-volts
  • 4AH or 7AH rating
  • Listed for use in alarm systems - F1-type or 3/16” wide terminals

If you happen to buy a battery with the wrong-sized terminals, terminal adapters are available to convert them to work with your alarm battery leads.

Installing the New Alarm System Battery

When replacing the battery in your  ADT alarm system, be careful to match the red and black battery terminals to the corresponding red and black alarm panel battery leads, color-for-color.

Reversing these leads could blow a fuse, and even cause permanent damage to some alarm panels.

Replacing the battery in an ADT alarm system

After installing the new battery, make sure AC power is connected by plugging in the low-voltage transformer, or re-connecting its wires to the panel. 

Tech Tip:

This is also a good time to write the date of installation on the battery with a permanent marker. 

You can write directly on the plastic case of the battery, or use a piece of masking tape to make it easier to read if the case is black.

You’ll be glad you did this when, months or years from now, a “low battery” condition shows up on your keypad, and you can’t remember how old the battery is!

Write the installation date when changing ADT alarm batteries

Allow 24-48 hours for the battery to reach a full charge. Then, check to see if the keypad “low battery trouble” indication has cleared itself. If it’s still showing a fault or trouble on the keypad, arm and disarm the system, or reset the system per the user manual instructions. Click here for help finding a User Manual

If all goes well, your new ADT alarm battery is now good for another 3-5 years or so. If your ADT security alarm keeps beeping, or if you want more detailed information, see any of my Related Articles below.

You may suspect that your ADT system has more than just battery problems. Or, you may have replaced the battery, only to find that the system is still not working correctly.

If so, you might be thinking about replacing the system.

Why not get a few free alarm quotes? This will show you how much a new system would cost, and might make your decision to replace the old one easier.

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