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New Brinks Security System Plans are Now Available

If you’ve ever owned a Brinks security system, you’re probably aware that the Brinks brand was an iconic leader in the home security industry for many years. In 2009, the Brinks name was spun off into Broadview Security, which was then acquired by ADT in 2010.

Brinks home security original keypad

In 2018, the naming rights for Brinks Home Security were purchased by MONI Smart Security, formerly Monitronics. Along with the new branding comes new equipment and service plans, which are quite different than MONI was offering before.

Monitronics has long been a trusted name in the home security industry. It has also remained popular: It became the second largest alarm company in America when Broadview was absorbed by ADT. 

“The driving force behind the rebranding, Monitronics/MONI Smart Security, has always been a company focused on excellent service and customer satisfaction”

I’ll talk about how I see these branding changes playing out moving forward at the bottom of this page, but first I’ll give you the highlights of what a ‘brand new’ Brinks security system looks like.

If you have an older (Pre-2018) Brinks system and you’re having a problem with it,  you can find help on these pages:

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If you’re looking for a new Brinks home security system, read on…

Brinks Home Security Currently Offers Two Plans:

Brinks Home Complete System

Brinks Home Complete

 Get a $499 system FREE, pay $39/mo for 3 years for monitoring. System includes:

Brinks Home Touch Control Panel

(1) Wireless motion sensor

(3) Wireless door/window transmitters

Smartphone App

Brinks Home Complete with Video System

Brinks Home Complete with Video 

Get a $699 system FREE, pay $49/mo for 3 years for monitoring. System includes:

Brinks Home Touch Control Panel

(1) Wireless motion sensor

(3) Wireless door/window transmitters

(1) Indoor video camera

(1) Doorbell camera

Smartphone App

Both plans include a one-time $19 activation fee.

Brinks Home Security Systems

All of the Brinks components are designed to be easily self-installed by the average homeowner, and require no special tools.

Brinks Home Security recommends that you only install sensors on the exterior doors, and forego the windows. This saves effort and expense, and is an option you should consider.

Brinkshome Smartphone Control App

As an alarm professional, I too support the idea of protecting only the doors to get a system installed and working when money is extremely tight. However, I still recommend adding window sensors as soon as the budget allows. 

Since the Brinks window sensors are wireless, they can be added later if you decide you need them.

Additional Features

Some of the benefits you will enjoy by choosing the Brinks home security system include:

The Brinks ASAPer Feature

Your Brinks security system gives you the advantage of Brinks Security’s unique ASAPer feature. When an alarm occurs, ASAPer response technology notifies you through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It also connects you with the other people on your contact list in a chat room. You, your contacts, and Brinks then follow the situation as it occurs, keeping everyone aware of what’s happening. 

Hands-free Disarm

Let's say you're arriving home, and your hands are full with your small child, groceries, or other items. How will you disarm the security system?

No problem! The Brinks Home Touch unit will automatically disarm the system when your smart phone gets within range.

Smarthome Capability

The Brinks Home Touch control panel can also act as a smart home hub, interacting with just about any home automation device: Alexa, Z-Wave, and many more.

Brinks Home Security Moving Forward

MONI Smart Security/Brinks Logo

Getting a new Brinks security system now means you will have the benefits of the latest state-of-the-art technology, smartphone access and control, plus the option of adding video. 

The driving force behind the rebranding, Monitronics/MONI Smart Security, has always been a company focused on excellent service and customer satisfaction. 

These core values are what helped make Monitronics/MONI the 2nd largest home security company in the US, after ADT. If the same philosophy holds true under the new name of Brinks Home Security, I see no reason why they shouldn’t continue to provide excellent protection for their existing, as well as new customers.

To get more information on a NEW Brinks security system, click here. 

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Let me know what you think!

I’ll update this page with any new developments as they occur. If you’ve had any experience with the “new” Brinks Home Security, good or bad, I’d love to hear about it.

I’ll add your input to this site, which will help other visitors like you make better decisions for their home security needs.

Just use the Contact Me link found on any of my pages to send me anything you think is relevant.

Thank you for your input!

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