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Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems Made Even Better!

Wireless burglar alarm systems usually have an option for wireless remote control. This can make the best home alarm system even better!

Wireless remotes are one of the coolest features available for wireless alarm systems. They allow control of the system while you’re anywhere inside the house, and often for a short distance outside.

Remote controls come in several styles, depending on the brand and model of alarm system. There are key chain, pendant, belt clip, and other choices.

One, two, and four button varieties are most common. Each button can be programmed to perform a different function in the system. Below are some of the most popular and convenient things you can do with a wireless remote.

Arming and Disarming

The ability to arm and disarm the system is the most basic function, and is common on all systems. The best home alarm system designs will let you arm in at least two different modes.

Home, or Stay mode allows you to move around the house with the alarm armed. The perimeter doors and windows are active, but interior devices like motion detectors are not.

mode arms all protection, perimeter and interior. This is usually the way you would prefer to arm when leaving for work, going on vacation, etc.

A wireless remote is more convenient than a wall mounted keypad. Although the remote can’t display the status of the system, it works perfectly in a day-to-day routine. It lets you easily operate the system without being tied to one location.


The Panic function will trigger the alarm to sound an audible alert, send a signal to a central monitoring station, or both. It isn’t armed and disarmed like the normal burglary portion of the system, but is active 24 hours a day.

This allows you to be in the house with the wireless burglar alarm system off, but if you hear or see something threatening, you can press the panic button.

For monitored home alarm systems, police will be on the way. For non-monitored systems, noise from sirens will likely drive away any intruder.

Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems and Non-Alarm Functions

Many wireless security systems offer relay and trigger outputs. These can be used for additional sirens, strobe lights, or other signaling devices. They can also be used to control devices such as lights and door strikes, adding functions you might not think of as being "alarm" features.

Lighting Control and X-10 Home Automation

Wireless remotes can also be used to control lighting through the use of X-10 technology, relays, or other accessory modules. Many wireless security systems have one or more on-board relay and/or X-10 outputs. These can be custom-programmed to operate different devices in the home.

X-10 technology uses your home’s electrical wiring to carry signals from your alarm panel to plug-in modules. Lights and other appliances can be plugged into these X-10 modules, letting you and your alarm system turn them on and off.

Remote control lighting is a great addition to your security system. Imagine how much safer you’d feel if you were able to switch on patio lighting if you heard a noise outside? Or, turn on a downstairs light from your upstairs bedroom? How about having several lights in the house come on automatically if the alarm goes off?

You can have lights turn on when the alarm is triggered, by using the wireless remote, or by a combination of both. This can help you avoid an intruder, or scare him off before he even gets inside the house.

Gate and Door Control

Wireless remotes can also have buttons dedicated to non-alarm functions, like door strikes, gate releases, and anything else that operates from a set of contacts. Keep in mind that you’ll probably need wiring between your alarm panel and the device you want to control.

The best way to do this is to wire the house during construction. It can also be done after the home is built, if there is attic or basement space.

Your alarm company representative can tell you about these and other options their systems can support. Some wireless burglar alarm systems may need additional modules to enable some functions. 

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