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GE Security Simon XT

Wireless All-in-one Alarm System

The GE Security Simon XT is a very popular model of GE wireless home security system. The Simon is a wireless “all-in-one” type panel, similar to the Ademco Lynx system (Lynxr-en). It combines a control unit, radio receiver, keypad, display, backup battery, and sounder in a single housing. All that’s needed to make a complete security system is the addition of wireless sensors for doors, windows, motion detection, etc.

Because they’re relatively simple to install, Simon GE security systems are a popular choice for a DIY security system. The main unit surface-mounts to a wall in a central location in the house, usually near the kitchen. Door, window, and other wireless sensors are then installed at each area as needed to protect the home.

All arming, disarming, and programming is done at the main unit, as well as programming wireless transmitters into the system.

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GE Simon XT Basic Features:

40 Zones using all wireless, or 38 wireless plus 2 hardwired zones
9 Arm/disarm codes (One master plus 8 user access codes)
Voice messages to indicate status
Supports wireless touchpads and keyfobs
Latchkey feature

Simon Sensors

The Simon system works with many different types of GE wireless sensors.

For doors and windows, good choices are the NX-650 standard-size sensor or the smaller NX-454Micro door/window transmitter. These both consist of a transmitter and magnet pair; the transmitter is mounted to the frame of the door or window, while the magnet attaches to the moving portion.

For interior protection, the GE Simon can use the NX-480 standard wireless motion detector. For homes with pets roaming freely, use the NX-481 Pet Immune motion detector.

Adding fire protection to the Simon is easy with the GE Interlogix TX-6010 Wireless Smoke Detector.

Wireless touchpads and keyfobs are a handy way to arm and disarm the Simon when you’re not near the main console.

Options on the low end of the budget include a basic 4-button keyfob allowing arming, disarming, and panic functions.

A higher priced choice is the 60-924-RF-TS GE Interlogix Simon XT 2-Way Talking Touch Screen Keypad. This unit allows arming and disarming, as well as giving visual and voice feedback on system status. Depending on how the system is set up, the touchscreen keypad can also control lights, and lock/unlock system-controlled doors.

Simon XT Sensor Battery Types:

GE Simon sensors and accessories use a variety of battery types, including “AA” and button cells. These will generally be able to power wireless devices for 3-8 years, depending greatly on use. For example, a sensor on a high-traffic door will tend to go through batteries much quicker than a transmitter on a window that’s rarely opened.

You can have your Simon batteries replaced by your alarm company, or you can change them yourself. If you decide to do it yourself, be sure to call your central monitoring station first. They will put the system in “test” mode for the amount of time you need to complete the battery changes.

Latchkey Feature

The Simon XT alarm has the ability to notify you if the system isn’t disarmed by a particular time, referred to as a “latchkey” function. The notification is a voice message sent to a phone number (such as your cell phone) that you program into the system. You also program in the desired “latchkey time” of day that disarming should occur by.

The latchkey function is often used to let a parent know if a child fails to arrive home on time, and is a popular feature being offered on more and more alarm panels.

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