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GE Simon 3 Alarm System

The GE Simon 3 alarm system is another popular all-in-one design, similar to its cousin the Simon XT and its competitor, the Ademco Lynx system. Combining the main panel, wireless receiver, keypad, display, sounder, and communicator into a single housing makes these all-in-one alarm systems easy to install. All you need to add are wireless sensors to make a complete security system.

Note: The GE Simon 3 has been discontinued. If you're looking for a new system, consider using the GE Simon XT.

Basic features:

24 Zones wireless / 2 hardwired
6 User codes
Latchkey reporting
Mobile phone or pager reporting
Can control up to 8 light or appliance control units

With 24 wireless zones available, the GE Simon 3 works well in a condo, apartment, or small to medium home. Since it’s primarily a wireless design, installing GE Simon security can be done without tearing up drywall to add wiring. And, like other wireless designs, you can take the system with you when you move!

Besides the basic features, the GE Simon 3 wireless security system has some advanced functions that are becoming more popular on newer alarm panels.

GE Simon 3 Voice Prompts

The Simon 3 home security system has a voice prompt feature, much like the GE Simon XT. The voice prompts easily give you system status, alarm zone information, and verbal guidance on using the system. The Simon 3 alarm also uses voice prompts for remote control of the system over the telephone.

Simon 3 Latchkey Function

The GE Simon 3 panel can notify you if the alarm isn’t disarmed by a certain time of day. This “latchkey” feature can be used to alert you if a child doesn’t arrive home to disarm the alarm by the expected time.

GE Simon 3 Alarm Communications Options

The GE Simon 3 alarm can be programmed to send alarm, latchkey, and other alerts to your cell phone, pager, central monitoring station, or a combination of the three. This is an advantage over some older GE alarm systems (as well as other brands) that can only communicate with a central station receiver. With the GE Simon 3, you have the option of getting alarm notifications without the obligation of a monthly monitoring contract.

The GE Simon 3 system works with Simon XT sensors, which are the standard GE wireless security sensors for most GE systems. Other available GE Simon 3 accessories include the Simon 3 Wireless Touch Talk Keypad, which allows all the control of a standard keypad, plus voice feedback and system status messages.

Click here to find a Simon 3 Installation/Programming Manual.

Need a larger system? Check out these higher-capacity GE security systems:

GE Security Simon XT (40-zone capacity)

GE Caddx Networx NX-8 (48 zones)

GE Concord 4 Security System (96 zones)

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