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Radionics Alarm Manual Sources

Looking for a Radionics alarm manual? Radionics security, now a part of Bosch Security, has been one of the more unique alarm manufacturers out there. They published a manual for every device they produced, and these tend to be a bit different as well.  Radionics manuals are generally very thorough, and are specific to each model they apply to.

This page will focus on user manuals and how to get them, and you’ll find links to free manuals at the bottom of this page.

(Note: The process is the same if you happen to be looking for an installation or programming manual; but be aware that you need a special programmer to program Radionics panels. Find out more about Radionics alarm systems.)

Types of Radionics Alarm Manual

Radionics alarm manual for D1260 keypads

Like most alarm makers, Radionics provides two general kinds of security system manuals:

  • Install or installation manuals, intended for technicians to use
  • User manuals for the homeowner

Radionics User Manuals can be further divided into two types:

  • Control Panel Manuals
  • Keypad Manuals

While there is generally only one user manual per control panel, there may be several keypad user manuals.

As an example, the Radionics home security D6112 control panel could be used with quite a few different keypads.

The first keypads introduced with the 6112 system all used LED displays to show panel and zone status, trouble conditions etc., so these user manuals explained how to interpret the LED information.

Alarm user manual for LED keypad for the D6112 system

Later, LCD keypads were introduced for the 6112. These keypads were able to display panel information in user-friendly alphanumeric text. Needless to say, these two manuals contain vastly different instructions, even though they are both written for use with the exact same control panel.

Likewise, the Radionics D8112 and D2212 systems can also use keypads in both LED and LCD versions, which require different manuals to operate.

User Manual for the D636 Alpha keypad

There are often subtle differences in operation between keypads that can share a common control panel. For this reason, I always recommend getting a copy of the main control panel user manual, as well as the keypad user manual for each type of keypad you may have in your home.

Finding Radionics Model Numbers

Radionics Control Panel Model Information

Radionics control panels are typically housed in a metal enclosure or box, often with a locking lid. You’ll need to gain access inside this box to find the model information printed on the faceplate of the control panel circuit board.

D6112 Main Panel

Radionics model numbers generally start with the letter “D” (for “device”) followed by a 4-digit number. The first two digits of this number indicate the series or control “family” of the panel. The last 2 digits of this number are usually either “12” or “24”, which denotes the DC voltage the panel was designed to operate on. Sometimes there are additional letters and numbers to indicate different hardware or software revisions and versions of the panel.


This denotes a panel in the 72XX series, operating on 12-volts DC, with revision “G”, version 2 improvements.

When you’re looking for a user manual, the revision and version info usually won’t matter. But, if you’re taking the time to write it down, include the entire model number anyway.

Radionics Keypad Model Information

Keypad model numbers start with a “D” for device, and are three or four digits long. They follow a looser pattern than control panel model numbers. Some of the more common keypad model numbers include:


Radionics keypads usually have model info printed on a label on the back of the keypad housing, and you can certainly remove one from the wall to get it. Or, an easier way is to simply do a Google image search for your control panel model number, along with the term “keypad”. This will bring up photos of dozens of keypad, which you can quickly compare visually to your own keypads.

Radionics Alarm Manual Sources

To find Radionics alarm manual for your panel and keypad, go to my alarm system manual sources page. Choose one of the links for the type of Radionics manual you're looking for.

Burglar alarm manuals for Radionics D6112 and D2212 systems

Once you locate your manuals, download them to your computer’s desktop or downloads folder. If your Radionics alarm manual files are named cryptically with a gobbledygook series of letters and numbers, re-name them to read “Radionics 6112 User Manual”, or some similar user-friendly title that you’ll recognize in the future.

Using Your Radionics Alarm Manual

Use the control panel manual to familiarize yourself with the system capabilities that are most important to you, like zone bypassing, force arming, or code changes.

Then, use the user manual to learn the specific keystrokes or menu functions required to perform the feature.

Between the keypad and control panel manuals, you should have everything you need to get the most out of your Radionics system.

If you have an older system that's starting to have problems, you may be thinking about replacing it.

To find out how much a new system might cost, get some free price quotes from alarm dealers in your area. Just answer a few questions below, and you'll receive your quotes via email.

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