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Broadview Home Security

Problems and Solutions

If you have an older Broadview home security system in good working order, you can probably keep it going for a few more years at least.

If you are currently under contract with an alarm company, they most likely take care of service issues for you. If you're not under contract, you can still do many maintenance jobs yourself.

For example, all alarm systems will require a battery change every 3-5 years, an occasional switch or magnet replaced, and usually not much more.

There are two big challenges with maintaining a Broadview alarm system:

-Lost master code

-Worn out equipment

Here's How to Deal With It:

Broadview Home Security Master Code Issues

Broadview security originated from Brinks alarm systems, and soon after that was acquired by ADT security services. All of these (formerly) Brinks systems were designed as proprietary equipment. This means that only an authorized dealer can program arm/disarm codes, account information, and other important data into the systems.

Broadview home security - Brinks alarm manual

At this point, any system you find will have had its Broadview security default code re-programmed. And, there is no easy way to restore this default code once it’s been changed.

To make a long story short, you MUST know the master code to be able to use your Broadview home security system for the long term.

Without a valid master code, your options are:

  • Commit to a monitoring contract with ADT Security
  • Replace the alarm panel and keypads

If you DO have a working master code, you can operate your alarm as a “local” system, meaning that it doesn’t report to a central station. If you ever decide have the system monitored, ADT security will likely be your only choice.

Worn Out Broadview Equipment Issues

Most Broadview/Brinks equipment out there is easily 15-20 years old or more. Wear-and-tear is especially rough on keypads, which get the most physical use on a daily basis.

Keypads can be found online, but there aren’t many available from any single source. I found these during a recent search:

        Brinks Keypad for BHS2000 panel
        Brinks Keypad for BHS3102 panel

As time goes on, there will be even fewer still.

Check out this page for some steps you can take to extend the useful life of older Brinks home security systems.

So, what’s the best course of action?

I recommend keeping your working Broadview home security system as long as you’re comfortable with it. Continue to use it, knowing that one day it will have to be replaced.

When you finally do have to replace your Broadview alarm system, you’ll have several money-saving options to choose from.

Money-Saving Replacement Options

Re-Use Your Hardwired Contacts

Hardwire contacts

To begin with, Broadview home security systems used hardwired equipment. This means that you can likely connect your existing door and window contacts to any new hardwired alarm system of your choice. The savings here alone could be a big help, especially if you have many doors and windows.

Note: If the new system requires them, you may have to install new end-of-line resistors on the contact wiring, but that’s not difficult to do.

Re-Use Your Motion and Glassbreak Detectors

Another money-saver: Most Broadview panels used 12-volt auxiliary power to run standard motion detectors, glassbreak sensors, and other powered devices. The vast majority of newer security systems also provide the same 12-volt output, so you should be able to re-use these devices.

Consider Home Alarm Monitoring

A third way to save: Have your new alarm system monitored.

At first, central station alarm monitoring might seem more like an expense rather than a money-saver. However, consider this:

  • Having a monitored burglary system could earn you a 5-15% discount on your homeowners’ insurance premiums

  • A monitored burglary and fire system could save you 15-20%

Low-voltage smoke detector - Home alarm system monitoring

Where do you get fire alarm systems? The best home alarm systems available now also support the connection of low-voltage smoke detectors. Adding one or more of these detectors (depending on the size of your house) gives you a combination burglary and fire system.

Learn more about saving money on home security alarm monitoring.

Help on how to decide whether or not to get home alarm system monitoring.


As you can see, you’ll eventually have to say goodbye to your old Broadview alarm system. When you do, at least you now have some ways to keep the new system from breaking the bank.

If you haven't done so already, get a few Free Home Security Systems Quotes from companies in your area.

This will give you a good idea of what it would cost to have a system installed, as well as how much you could save by doing it yourself.

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