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Honeywell CCTV Systems

Surveillance Cameras and DVR Security Systems

Honeywell CCTV products cover a wide range of applications, from smaller, residential-based systems to full-scale commercial installations.

CCTV (closed circuit television) has long been the best method available to view and record activity. With improvements in technology, prices for CCTV video equipment have come down, while features have improved greatly.

For home use, I’ll show you some basic Honeywell security camera and recording options you’d most likely need. For a complete listing, visit their web site at Honeywell video systems.

Honeywell Surveillance Cameras

Honeywell Bullet Cameras

The HB74HD1 is a bullet-style Honeywell CCTV camera, and can be used indoors or out. It has 720P resolution, and IR (infrared) illuminators for night viewing. These illuminators automatically switch on when the ambient light level drops below a preset threshold. The camera also switches from color imaging to black and white operation, giving you “the best of both worlds”.

Honeywell CCTV Dome Cameras

The HD70P is an outdoor-rated CCTV dome camera with IR illuminators. Its day/night function allows it to switch from color imaging under good lighting conditions to black-and-white viewing in low light. The 24 IR illuminators auto-adjust to give just the right amount of additional light, depending on conditions.

The dome design is a good choice for outdoor use, since it’s less vulnerable to tampering than a bullet camera. Common mounting locations are at front or back doors, patio areas, pools and spas, and driveways.

Honeywell Camera Housings

For higher-end commercial installations, box cameras with interchangeable lenses are often used. These give the most flexibility for field of view, lighting variations, zoom options, etc.

Because these cameras are assembled from separate parts, a CCTV camera housing should be used. Housings keep out dirt and moisture, and many are equipped with fans and/or heaters to control temperature and condensation.

Bullet and dome style cameras are generally designed to be used without a separate enclosure or housing. The lens and imaging systems are built into one unit, and those intended for outdoor use are sealed against the weather.

Honeywell CCTV Recording Options

The HRG series of Honeywell digital video recorders, or DVR’s, are economical and feature-packed. They’re available in 4-, 8-, and 16-channel versions, which will handle almost any residential CCTV camera layout.

To allow for future expansion, I always recommend going with the next-higher capacity unit. So, if you think you’ll need 4 cameras, consider getting an 8-channel DVR. Many people add more cameras after seeing the results of the initial system.

Each of these Honeywell DVR models can be had with either 500MB or 1TB of recording capacity. Obviously, more memory storage is better, but the trade-off is higher cost. More memory means you can record fresh images longer before the old ones start to be over-written, so always try to get as much memory as you can afford.

Honeywell HRG DVR’s support Smartphone remote access for iPhone and Android devices. Remote access is also possible via a web interface, as with most other DVR security systems of this type. This lets you watch live or recorded CCTV images from anywhere; all you need is an Internet connection.

These Honeywell CCTV DVR’s also feature Video Motion Detection. This gives you the option of recording only when activity is present, and you can even configure where in the field of view of the cameras the motion needs to occur. This can save you from recording and reviewing hours of video with no activity.

Once recorded, CCTV video can be backed up or saved to a USB storage device. Video file clips even include a viewer, making it easier to review by investigators.

Click for more details on Honeywell DVRs and NVRs.

If you've never had a video surveillance system, you may be wondering what a system for your home might cost.

If you already have an older time-lapse video recorder, you may be wanting to upgrade to a DVR. If so, you may be able to use your existing cameras with the new recorder.

In either situation, getting a few estimates is a good idea. Just describe what you're looking for using the quick form below, and receive free quotes from video security companies in your area.

Your free quotes will be sent to you via email, and there is absolutely no obligation to buy!

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