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The GE Caddx Networx line of security systems offer many of the features of more complicated alarms, but at very reasonable prices. The 3 main panels are the GE NX-4, NX-6, and the NX-8. The smallest is the NX-4, with 8 on-board zones. The largest panel is the Caddx NX-8, with 8-zones on-board, expandable to 48. This range of zones will cover anything from an apartment or condo to a large house.

All three General Electric products Networx systems can handle a combination of hardwired and wireless zones, so they can easily be installed in new or existing construction. This installation flexibility, along with low cost, make a Caddx alarm panel a good choice for a DIY security system.

Caddx wireless transmitters are the standard NX-series sensors used by many other GE systems. Wireless sensors are available for doors and windows, motions, glassbreaks, smoke detectors, etc. Wireless keypads and keyfobs can also be added to allow easy arming, disarming, and other functions.

Need more than 48 zones? Check out the GE Concord 4 Security System.

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GE Security Caddx NX-4

GE Security Caddx NX-4

4-Hardwired zones on-board, expandable to 8-zones
4-Wire smoke loop
8-User codes

The NetworX-4 or NX-4 is one of the most basic of GE home security systems available. It’s a hybrid panel that features 4 programmable zones, expandable to a total of 8. Unlike the NX-6 and NX-8, the NX-4 doesn’t have any programmable outputs.

The Caddx NX-4 is often sold as a package, with everything needed to build a complete basic system. Its small size makes it a good fit for an apartment, condo, or townhouse-size home.

If you’re choosing a system for a not-so-small-to-medium size home, you may want to go with the NX-6 or even the NX-8 (below), rather than limit yourself with the NX-4. The slight additional cost for the larger Caddx alarms is offset with much more flexibility, if you ever decide to expand the system in the future.

GE Caddx - GE Security Caddx NX-6 Kit

GE Security Caddx NX-6

6 Hardwired zones on-board, expandable to16-zone maximum capacity (wireless)/ 12 zones hardwired
4 Programmable outputs
2-Wire and 4-wire smoke detector loop
40 User codes

The GE Caddx NX-6 builds upward from the NX-4, adding increased numbers of zones and user codes. It also offers a 2-wire smoke detector loop, which is much easier to work with for do-it-yourself home alarm installers. The increased zone capacity makes the Caddx NX-6 a good choice for a medium or slightly larger size home, depending on the number of doors and windows you need to protect.

GE Caddx NX-8

GE Security Caddx NX-8

8 on-board zones, expandable to 48 zones maximum - hardwired and/or wireless
2-wire and 4-wire smoke detector loops
4 programmable outputs
99 user codes

The largest GE Caddx panel, the NX-8 gives you plenty of zone capacity for a large house (along with more codes than you’ll likely ever need!) It also features both 2- and 4-wire smoke detector loops, making the addition of fire protection easier.

Like the NX-6, this system offers 4 programmable outputs. These can be used to activate a relay or optional device in response to an alarm or other system event.

The table below shows system conditions you can choose to create specific responses for: - Find free manuals

Programming GE Caddx Systems

The Caddx Networx panels can be programmed remotely, using Caddx remote software, or on-site using a keypad. 

As with most keypad-programmable security panels, the Caddx alarm systems are easier to work with if you have an LCD display keypad. Although a standard LED keypad will work, it can be confusing trying to navigate the menus using only LED’s for feedback.

If you’re on a tight budget and/or are installing the system in a smaller home, an LED keypad will be fine. If you’re planning a system for a larger house with many points of protection to program, you’ll be much happier with an LCD unit like the NX-148E (hardwired) or the NX-148E-RF (wireless.)

You can find links to GE Caddx NX-8 manuals on my alarm system manual sources page.

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