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Alarm System Manual Sources

Finding Manuals for ADT, Ademco, Brinks/Broadview, DSC, GE, and More

Finding your Alarm System Model Number:

Finding an alarm system manual starts with knowing the brand and model of your system. Most manufacturers usually place this information on a sticker inside the lid of the panel enclosure.

Note: If you need an Ademco alarm system manual, see my page on Ademco manuals.

Some alarm systems, most notably those from DSC, have two names: The Model Number and the Marketing Name. For example, the PC5010 (Model Number) is also known as the Power 832 (Marketing Name) which can be found on your control panel.

Alarm System Manual Sources - Outside of panel. Notice Marketing Name 'DSC Power 832'

DSC Power 832 - Inside of lid. Notice Model Number 'PC5010'

Types of Alarm Manuals

User Manuals

User Manuals, also called Owner Manuals, explain the everyday operation of the system, and only include basic, user-level programming instructions. A User Manual will typically show you in simple terms how to arm, disarm, bypass zones, and possibly change your own passcodes.

Functions covered in a User Manual usually include:

  • Arming/disarming the system
  • Finding faulted zones
  • Bypassing zones
  • Checking "Alarm Memory"
  • Turn "Chime" on/off
  • Limited code changes

Alarm User Manuals are widely available at no charge from many sites. Most manufacturers have a “Literature”, “Manuals”, or other support section on their website where you can download User Manuals. Aside from that, many third-party sites have User Manuals available for free download.

Inside of lid of Ademco Vista 10SE panel.

Installation and Programming Manuals

An Alarm Installation Manual is intended to help an alarm technician install and connect all components of a system. They usually don’t have any background information on specific techniques for doing this; it is assumed that an experienced professional will be doing the work and has all the tools and skills needed.

Alarm Programming Manuals describe in detail how to access installer-level programming, and how to enter data to control every function of the panel.

Functions shown in Installation Manuals include all of the above, PLUS:

  • Changing all codes, including Master and Installer Codes
  • Program system as reporting or local
  • Phone number to dial, if desired
  • Account number
  • Events to report, if desired
  • Zone definitions
  • Assign area partitions
  • All other aspects of system operation

Install and Programming Manuals are getting more difficult to find. Many alarm companies only share alarm system manuals with their own installers, and forbid third-party sites from posting manuals or programming sheets for public use. Other third-party sites, like, charge a fee for them (although they still offer user manuals for free.)

The important thing to remember is that without an Installer and/or Programming Manual, you can't fully control how the panel works.

So, let's suppose you "inherit" an alarm system when you buy a new house. If the existing system was programmed to report to a central station, you have no way to turn that off without an Installer Code and  programming information.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and you buy a new system, you will typically get a copy of each alarm system manual: alarm installation manual, programming manual, and user instructions included with the new panel purchase. These manuals may be either printed or on CD.

Links to Alarm System Manual Resources

Currently covers more brands than any other single resource.

Free User Manuals and paid Installation Manuals for dozens of models of alarm panel, including brands like:

  • Acron
  • Advisor
  • ADT
  • Ademco    
  • Alarm Lock   
  • Apex   
  • Aritech   
  • Arrowhead    
  • Brinks    
  • Caddx   
  • C&K   
  • Discovery    
  • DSC 
  • Detection Systems   
  • Eagle 
  • FBI  
  • Gemini  
  • Guardall  
  • First Alert  
  • ITI   
  • Magnum  Alert   
  • Menvier 
  • Networker   
  • Moose   
  • Nutech  
  • Napco    
  • Omni   
  • Paradox   
  • Radionics    
  • Ranger  
  • Scantronic
  • Silent  Knight
  • Sonitrol

Free Ademco Installation and User Manuals. User

Free DSC Alarm User Manuals direct from the manufacturer.

DSC Install

Free DSC Installation Manuals direct from the manufacturer.

Free User Manuals for many brands, no Installation Manuals. User

Good selection of free User Manuals, including:

  •     Acron
  •     Ademco (Honeywell International Inc.)
  •     ADT Security Services, Inc. (Tyco Fire & Security)
  •     Alarm Lock
  •     Apex (Honeywell Inernational Inc.)
  •     Aritech (GE Interlogix)
  •     Arrowhead (GE Interlogix)
  •     ATT
  •     Caddx (GE Interlogix)
  •     Detection Systems
  •     Discovery
  •     DMP - Digital Monitoring Products
  •     DSC - Digital Security Controls Ltd.
  •     FBII - Fire Burglary Instruments Inc. (Honeywell Int'l Inc.)
  •     Fire-Lite Alarms (Honeywell Inernational Inc.)
  •     First Alert (Honeywell International Inc.)
  •     Gardtec
  •     Guardall
  •     ITI - Interactive Technologies Inc. (GE Interlogix)
  •     Moose (GE Interlogix)
  •     Napco Security Systems
  •     Nutech (GE Interlogix)
  •     Omegalarm
  •     Optex Morse Inc.
  •     Paradox
  •     Radionics (BOSCH)
  •     Sentrol (GE Interlogix) Install

Very limited selection of free Installation Manuals and Programming Sheets for GE and DSC panels.

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